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After the love for the Karushi mix i did ages ago
(here: http://soundcloud.com/seeds/karushi-minimix)
I decided to put another little minimix together of all beats and bobs made by yours truly. The first one was commprised of loads of old beats i’d found on old harddrives. However this new one is made up of (near enough) new stuff I have made in the last 12 months. Most of these bits are from an album I am still working on called ‘Enemies now hunt players’
Consider this a little mixtape warm up. All rough working mixes etc, nothing is finished. The album involves a long process of sampling C64 games and is generally an ode to the composers form the time who used it as an instrument. I’ll come back to that later.

seeds – come dub
seeds – marijuana compression station
seeds – QUAID
seeds (feat. dan dna) – waitin’ \dead fagin refit
seeds (feat. bill daggs) – intergalactic motherfuckers
seeds – chalky farm
seeds – hawkeyes paranoia
seeds – def at 80 bpm
seeds – huge eye

Its been mixed on road, quick… so excuse a few compression dips and the like.
Its safe though, won’t hurt ya speakers. Even though none of the tracks are mastered they are all compressed a bit.

Big up the Commodore 64.
Big up yourselves for visiting.



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